Friday, 24 April 2015

17 Breathtaking Vintage DIY Decoration Ideas

1. Vintage Wooden Ceiling
For those of you who like wooden interior and warm colours like brown, this is the perfect choice to give your property vintage look. 
2. A Vintage Closet

3. Pink Stool
Pink and vintage look match perfectly. I am a big fan of of this combination, check out my tumblr blog for more original and inspiring vintage pink home decor ideas.
4. Another Vintage Shelf
Depending on your taste, you can decorate the shelf with motivational quotes and paper flowers. You can make them from newspapers or old books. Not only they look extremely original but are really easy to make.
5. Vintage Clock

6. Wooden Big Basket
7. An Awesome Pot
8. A Suitcase Transformed Into Bathroom Shelf
9. A White Vintage Shelf
10. Wooden Table
11. Kitchen Cabinet
12. An Awesome Original Lamp
13. Pink and White Kitchen Cabinet

14. A Very Practical And Creative use of Hangers
15. Transform Your Old Funnels Into Candlesticks
16. Old Suitcases Turned Into Shelves
17. One of the Cutest Tables I Have Ever Seen

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