Thursday, 26 March 2015

DIY Disaster Experiences

DIY is fun until it goes terribly wrong, isn't it? According to Homebase(link) survey in which 208, 257 people took part, DIY disasters are not something that is rarely seen. On the contrary, it turns out hammer horrors and painting panic often occur.

Men often damage themselves when hammering nails, while women are most likely to experience a disaster while decorating.
One in ten women have had a disaster doing the painting and decorating.
15% of women their husband is the biggest disaster when it comes to DIY. 
More than 1,000 of those who are surveyed claim they have sustained an injury as a result of a DIY disaster. 

Examples of tremendous DIY disasters:
Drilling holes through brand new central heating pipes minutes before carpet fitters arrive.
Trying to hang a wallpaper upside down, not matching the pattern.
While hammering a new shelf resulting in a flat screen TV being knocked off the other side of the wall and falling to pieces on the floor.

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